Architect Sold Virtual House For 500 Thousand Dollars

We all dream of growing up, having a good job and money so that we can live in a place the way we always imagined, don’t we? Even in childhood, we imagine ourselves living in large castles, with several rooms, huge rooms with breathtaking chandeliers, like in the Disney movies we’ve seen. In adult life, we just want a spacious place, where we can be at peace and, of course, with the decor that is our dear.

The dream of home ownership is a desire of practically everyone. But have you ever imagined buying a house that doesn’t actually exist? For the contemporary artist, Krsita Kim, sold a house for 500 thousand dollars.


However, the property sold is not an ordinary house . The so-called “Mars House” is a purely virtual property and was sold for 288 ether, worth over half a million dollars, as a non-fungible token (NFT).

Kim’s goal is to take the NFTs to the next level through his Mars House. It’s actually an immersive 3D experience rather than a simple JPG.

“Right now, a lot of the NFT art that’s currently available on platforms is a very limited parameter of how you can present art. It’s basically presented as a digital file, a beautiful drawing or video on your screen, but my intention was to go beyond that,” Kim said.

According to Kim, the owner of Mars House will be able to load the file into various metaverses, which are immersive 3D worlds, and experience the digital space there

The so-called metaverse is an informal term used to describe a collaborative and immersive virtual world. And companies like Robox and Fortnite game maker Epic Games are working on that concept.

The artist created Mars House during the first lockdown wave of the pandemic. “Mars House is the first iconic ‘NFT digital home’ for sale in history. The Mars House is a light sculpture, with an LED substrate extending to the pool, along the entire perimeter of the house , for a uniform effect and fully integrated with my moving gradients”, explained Kim, in a description of his work


“For me, I really predict that we’re going to live an augmented reality lifestyle in a very short period of time,” Kim said. For her, that future is just a few years away from us.

Virtual augmented reality (AR) is key to giving a more immersive experience of these worlds. “AR” is the technology that superimposes computer-generated images over real-world views. The “VR” goes further into a complete virtual space. However, both have been linked to some type of headset or wearable glasses.

A well-known brand that makes virtual reality headsets is Facebook’s Oculus. And social networking CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicted big strides with both AR and VR over the next decade.

According to Kim, people will express themselves like getting a tattoo through digital art. “Well, people will also express themselves with digital resources and decorative and collectible pieces, fashion, accessories”, he concluded.